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Aftermarket Capabilities

We provide end-to-end service from initial concept development to installation and commissioning and after-sales support and on-site maintenance.


Turbo Egypt’s field service team offers the expertise and skills required to ensure proper compressor operation and process integration. Our technicians are trained experts specializing in the technical coordination of on-site compressor installations, repairs, overhauls, upgrades, and start-up commissioning.

Our work follows defined processes and procedures set by the OEM manufacturers for all required site service work.

We offer benefits that fit every customer’s needs in the TURBOCARE service package that includes:

  • Adequate number of visits per year

  • The annual supply of preventive maintenance parts

  • All travel costs and service engineer labor costs

  • Fixed discounts for additional services and spare parts

Repair Service

Turbo Egypt offers repair service for capital parts in cooperation with Ingersoll Rand’s fully equiped and staffed service centres all over the globe. As a centrifugal OEM, Ingersoll Rand has facilities, equipments, and experienced technicians that guarantee quality repairs.



As plant processes change, so do compressed air requirements. That is why we offer a variety of aerodynamic modifications and upgrades that  will adjust your existing compressor’s performance to meet your current compressed air demand.

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