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Reciprocating Compressors

We have partnered with ABC Compressors whose compressors are based on a robust crankcase with studied lubrication, crankshaft supports with double driveshaft on the power transmission side, with friction bearings.

The constructive design makes its compressors offer excellent energy consumption. The compressor group is supplied complete on a robust frame chassis forming a compact and fully functional equipment.


API 618 Air and Gas Compressors 

We offer performance-critical solutions for corrosive, explosive, and dangerous gas mixtures in the gas processing, fuel gas booster, refining, petrochemical industries, and power generation.


Air Compressors

The only oil-free compressor that includes the most advanced technological features on the market. With a horizontal arrangement that eliminates vibrations. A direct engine coupling for efficient and reliable transmission. Modular and compact design for the entire range of compressors.

Horizon High Pressure PET Compressors
horizon HP Range.PNG

Horizon LP Low Pressure Compressors

horizon LP Range.PNG
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